SUM has grown from humble beginnings from a local UAE based Facebook group, Dirham Stretcher. As the community grew, it was clear that people were searching for an ultimate go-to guide for UAE’s best deals and discount codes also known as promo codes, coupons or vouchers.

If you’re searching for bargains, discounts or just life hacks and reviews around the UAE then you have come to the right place. SUM is UAE’s known experts in assisting you with online savings, buying your favourite brands online and supporting small businesses. If you have never seen codes before, please read on. If none of the below questions help you, please feel free to email us at hello@sum.ae.

SUM is the UAE’s most trusted website for discount codes. SUM strives to give you a simple yet effective user interface that allows for easy movement across the site without any of the pushy sale pitches. We have the largest range of discounts and offers aimed for our community to not only get a great deal, but to support small businesses too. We have direct relationships with many small businesses, and we strive to help them achieve their goals. After all, they are the backbone of our society.

We personally go and try all the local activities, markets and attractions and report back. We are proud to live in the UAE and want to help other residents to find all the best spots around the country. We aim to prove that you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot to have an amazing day out.

Applying discount codes can vary for each website. Generally, online shoppers find a choice to "Redeem" or "Use" the code while completing the payment process, normally in the ‘basket’ stage of checking out. Before the completion of the payment process, buyers are asked to select the coupon code box where they enter the code. Remember, this is the most important step as some stores try to keep it confusing. In most cases, the stores show a "Discount Box" with a button "Apply Code" so the buyers can easily identify it.

Note: If you are having a problem finding the discount box feel free to join the Dirham Stretcher Facebook group and ask the community for their help.

Applying a discount code is simple, but it can be frustrating if a discount code doesn't work. In most of the cases, the users don’t focus on the validity of UAE discount codes. It is necessary to see the expiry date of the coupons and deals. How to confirm the validity of coupons? SUM is ready to take responsibility in this matter. This online platform provides full details about the active period of coupons or deals. Whether the deal is about fashion, clothing or travel, there will be an expiry date. All the stores, companies or brands come with limited time offers. These offers may be valid for a few days, weeks or months. Only the new registration deals or discounts remain active forever. It is required to be careful in this matter.

Those who want to apply the codes after confirmation should visit SUM. Find the latest deals, coupons and vouchers at this platform. See the validity and other terms and conditions. It would be great if you see special points linked to each offer. Don’t apply or use the codes blindly. Read the instructions carefully in order to avoid tensions. Here are some reasons why codes don’t work.

  • Code is expired: All the codes come with a validity period as mentioned above. Merchants, stores, companies or businesses offer these codes with an expiry date. Customers can learn about the expiry dates in "Terms & Conditions" section. The expired codes will not work once the date is over.

  • Exclusion applies: There will be some codes that will not work on specific brands or sale collections. Carefully see what is included or excluded while seeing the codes at Coupon.ae.

  • Case sensitive codes: In most cases, it is not an issue but it may create problem if stores are curious about the case sensitive codes. How to avoid this issue? Try to copy and then paste the codes to avoid such issues.

  • Location of buyers: Some stores offer Geo-restricted codes. These codes are offered for buyers in a specific locality. For example, codes offered for the UAE & KSA buyers will not work in Egypt or Qatar.

  • Code is not properly active: Contact the store or company immediately if you don’t find any reason mentioned above. Sometimes the codes don’t work because the store management has not activated it properly.

We only ever post the discount codes and coupons after checking them. Our team is working to ensure that all the codes and deals posted online are active. Sometimes, however, businesses change their terms and conditions without notifying us. Please let us know if you suspect that this may have happened. Those, like us, who are expert coupon hunters know that by choosing SUM minimizes these risks. Also, feel free to confirm validity by visiting the official websites of stores, companies or brands.

In most cases, multiple codes are not accepted. However, this can vary with each brand or website. SUM has exclusive codes and discounts that often give bigger and better discounts than the discount codes being advertised on the retailers’ website. Many retailers allow for multiple discounts, however, the amount of extra discount codes that can be used is often limited to one. For example, if a retailer has a sale of 50% off their products, you can often use one discount code to give you a further reduction off the last price. Make sure you search SUM for all the discounts and choose the best one for you.

There are several different types of discount codes. Common categories include:

  • Percentage codes: These codes offer a discount in percentage. For example, buy electronics and get a 10% discount on orders.

  • AED off codes: These codes offer direct cut in prices. For example, book an order above AED 300 to save AED 10.

  • First order discount: These codes only apply once for first time users at a particular website or app.

  • Delivery offer codes: These codes offer Free Delivery on selected items or all items.

  • Free product codes: It is similar to "Buy One Get One Free" offers. You buy a T-shirt at your favourite store and get the same for free.

  • Sales codes: Special sale collections are offered by various stores according to seasons and events. For example, several stores present discount coupons for UAE summer collection clearance, spring festival sale and Christmas sale.

Yes, SUM provides free access to all codes and deals. You can choose UAE discount codes free anytime. Whether you choose UAE vouchers, coupons, deals or packages, it’s all free for online buyers.

Unfortunately, some discount codes only have a one-time use per account. Make sure you real all the terms and conditions before completing your purchase, otherwise you may find yourself unable to use the same code again.

We are proud to feature a section on SUM that supports local businesses. Shop local represents businesses that are born, bred and proudly UAE based. Look for our UAE flag label to identify those businesses.

According to Dubai SME, an Integrated Division Of The Department Of Economic Development (DED) of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) government, the definition for Small Businesses and Micro Enterprises are based on two criterias being turnover and employees levels specific to Trading, Manufacturing and Services industries. SUM has used the guidelines provided by the Government of the UAE in defining "Small Businesses" which encompass both Micro enterprises and Small Businesses. Those guidelines can be found here.

For any questions, collaboration requests or media related events please contact us at hello@sum.ae.

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